Updating Our Rental Kitchen

Hi friends! Jordan and I have lived in our current apartment for just about a year now. I remember coming to look at the place together, and liking it, but not being crazy about it. The rooms are all fine, the one room that stood out to me though was the kitchen, and not in a good way.

It’s a small kitchen, almost box like. I can live with the size, it was the floor that really bothered me. You can tell some things were updated, but the floor wasn’t. It was very cheap linoleum that was fading probably from years of ware. It wasn’t bad enough to make us say no to the apartment though. We signed the lease and moved in. Knowing this is a temporary living situation for us really made it not so bad, but I was still looking at ways that I could change it.

I was researching ways that you could update a rental property (lol), and I found an easy fix of replacing the cabinet hardware. The hardware that was on our cabinets wasn’t bad, but I thought updating them would be a nice change, so I ordered some (cheaper) brushed brass hardware from Amazon. I couldn’t get over the floor though, it was consuming me. Not joking.

I was running some ideas by my dad, he is the ultimate Mr. Fix It. He was over our place, and he thought maybe asking our landlord if we could put a floating floor down might not be a bad idea. My dad can easily put flooring in, and it wouldn’t ruin the floor underneath. We ended up running into my landlord while my dad was over and asked him right then. He was open to the idea (because my dad knows what he’s talking about), and even offered to pay for the materials (SCORE!!) I was thrilled.

Thankfully we have a good landlord, most might not offer to pay or let you do something like this. We purchased a floating floor that has a wood look to it from Lowes. It’s easy to clean and makes our kitchen look so much better!

Changing out the hardware and the flooring really made our kitchen look completely different. It’s something affordable and easy to do in a rental (with your landlord’s permission of course). When we move out, I will switch the hardware back out and put the silver ones back up. We aren’t going to be in this rental forever, but it’s nice that we could change some things, and the next tenants can enjoy the updates as well.

Before pictures:



After pictures:






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  1. April 5, 2020 / 8:24 pm

    I love seeing your space, Alyssa. What great budget-friendly update! Thanks for letting us in to your home. <3

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