Our Jamaican Honeymoon

Hi friends! I’m finally getting around to our honeymoon post, which I’m excited to share with you all about our trip! Jordan and I decided to wait a few months after the wedding to go on our honeymoon. We knew it was the right decision when we were completely exhausted after the wedding and knew we wouldn’t fully enjoy ourselves if we traveled right after. We left for Jamaica in January, which was amazing to get out of the cold weather in Pittsburgh to 80 degree weather in Jamaica. It was Jordan’s first time out of the country, and both of our first time in Jamaica.

We instantly felt welcome. Everyone is really kind and really helps to make you feel at home while you’re there. We stayed at Secret’s Resort St. James in Montego Bay. It’s a breathtaking resort with so much to offer in terms of restaurants and things to do. Jordan and I spent our days laying in the sun by the ocean with drinks in our hands. It was extremely relaxing. We did go off of the resort one day, and I HIGHLY recommend you DO go off of the resort wherever you go. Planned tours are always a good option since you’re in an unfamiliar area, but if you’re feeling adventurous to go off on your own, go for it.

We went on a planned group tour to Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, where there are breathtaking water falls that you have the opportunity to climb. This was such a cool experience. Jordan and I really enjoyed Dunn’s River Falls. If you are planning a trip to the falls, DO bring with you a waterproof phone case. Do NOT buy one there, theirs were not very sturdy. Thankfully Jordan and I brought good ones with us on our trip. It’s worth it.

The same day we went to the falls, we stopped for lunch after at a jerk chicken place that was pretty much on the side of the road. That lunch was WAY better than anything we ate at the resort. Authentic Jamaican food is amazing! After lunch we continued our tour to Nine Mile, where Bob Marley is buried. Nine Mile is high up in the mountains of St. Ann, which has beautiful views. The trip to Nine Mile was very eye opening, we saw so many different ways of life in Jamaica as we went up into the mountains.

The Bob Marley tour was also something I’d recommend doing if you ever venture to Jamaica. It was interesting to see where Bob Marley grew up, and also where he is buried at, alongside other family members. They take you on a tour throughout the entire house and property.

Aside from many off of the resort excursions that are offered, there are many excursions that you can do at the resort. Jordan and I decided at the end of our trip to go on a glass boat tour. The floor is made of glass, so when you go out into the water you can see all of the coral reefs and fish. It was really cool to see that, and it was something we booked last minute on the resort.

Jordan and I both agreed that we would love to go back to Jamaica one day. We had an amazing trip, and made awesome memories on our honeymoon. xo



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