How to Truly Enjoy the Holiday Season

There is so much to look forward to this time of year. I love everything about this season. I love baking, wrapping gifts, attending holiday parties/events, spending time with family and friends, Christmas music, decorations, etc. EVERYTHING. It honestly can be overwhelming, having so much to do in just 25 days (less or more depending when you start to celebrate). While I have a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out), I have become better over the years in taking a time out for myself, even if it means missing an event.

The last thing you want to do during this time is wear yourself out or wear yourself too thin. The holidays can become exhausting fast, and there are a few ways of preventing that from happening. Here are some things that I keep in mind during Christmas to make sure that I truly enjoy the season, and don’t become burnt out.

1. Don’t be afraid to say no.

You don’t have to attend every party or event that happens during this season. If you simply cannot make an event, politely decline.

2. Take time for yourself.

This is so important, and goes hand in hand with number one. So much is happening around us this time. If you don’t make time for yourself here and there throughout the season, you’ll feel stressed more easily and feel stretched thin. Take a bath, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, do whatever you like to do during “you” time. Taking time for yourself can help keep you relaxed and your mind in a good state.

3. Make lists.

Yes, I know many of us make lists for gifts, but have you thought of making lists for things you’d like to do this season? Whether it’s baking cookies with your family, going to look at a light display, you name it, write a list with 3-5 things you absolutely want to do. This will help you plan out activities and make sure you’re able to do the things you truly want to do before the season is over. Be careful of making your list too long, that can wear you out as well. I’d cap it at five to make it more realistic.

4. Remember why you’re celebrating the season.

Even though Christmas involves gifts, yummy food, etc. Remember the true meaning of why we celebrate this wonderful season. It’s not all about the gifts and material things. If you continuously remind yourself of what the most important reason for this season is, make that a priority in your actions.

5. Make those that are present with you a priority.

Yes, I do mean put down your phone. Have meaningful conversations with those around you. It’s great to take pictures to savor those memories, but posting on social media can wait until later once you’re home. I’ve been practicing this more, and I find that I’m overall happier since I’m being present in the moment and not staring at my screen during events, or moments with friends and family.

I hope you find these tips helpful to truly enjoy the season. They really have helped me, and I feel more calm and joyful during Christmas!


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