Why You Need a Poncho This Winter

We all want to wear something cozy during the winter, something that keeps us warm and comfortable throughout the cold months. One of these cozy pieces for me is a MUST HAVE in my closet during the winter. Ponchos aren’t only cute for their unique style. they also feel like you’re wearing a blanket, keeping you warm and cozy when you’re out and about.

I’m featuring two ponchos below, both are different from the other. The first one is a pull over from Penny Layne Boutique, and the second one is a wrap around from Ann Taylor. If you haven’t heard about Penny Layne Boutique, it’s a local boutique in Pittsburgh that just opened this past summer. If you’re about supporting local businesses like I am, I’d highly recommend checking them out!

I love the color of the pull over poncho from Penny Layne. The rust color is a perfect color for fall, and the fabric of the poncho is super soft and comfy. This one definitely feels like I’m wearing a warm blanket, especially with the cowl neckline, and the fringe detail is amazing!

Underneath the poncho I’m wearing a white long sleeve body suit from Naked Wardrobe. I paired this poncho with black jeans from American Eagle and cheetah print loafers from Nordstrom.

The next poncho is from Ann Taylor and is more of a dark berry color. This color is perfect for winter being that it’s a darker maroon. This one is a wrap around poncho, and is still very warm. The fabric of the below poncho is different from the one at Penny Layne. It’s not as soft or thick, but still comfy.

The poncho from Ann Taylor is a little bit longer/bigger since it’s a wrap around. I love the fringe detail at the bottom of this one as well. I paired this poncho with black jeans, black booties, and a Naked Wardrobe body suit underneath.

What I love about both of these ponchos, especially this one, is that you can take it from day to night easily with a change of pants, shoes, and/or jewelry.

Even though both of these ponchos have completely different styles, I love having both in my closet for many reasons. They’re both super warm and comfy, and both give your outfit a unique look for fall and winter.

Stay warm this winter season! xo


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